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Beside 10 columns of model naming, there are 17 columns with completion ratio at least 98%. Feel free to delete the columns which are not available for most of cars.Naming: ID 100%, Make 100%, Model 100%, Year 100%, Trim 100%, Description 100%, Domestic/Imports 100%, Country of origin 100%, Class 100%, Image URL 99.55% (you can use Tab Save extension for Chrome to download image files).It's how you'll express yourself through email or your website and it's what customers think of when trying to find you.Download SAMPLES: Year-Make-Model-Trim (7 columns) Year-Make-Model-Trim-Basic-Specs (27 columns) Year-Make-Model-Trim-Full-Specs (85 columns) Year-Make-Model-Dimensions (unfinish-able, read below) Alternate formats: CSV and SQL (Full Specs) One of my programmer partners made also a JSON API. Buy FULL database FREE updates for one year: Last release: 15 November 2017, including 2870 models of 20 models of 2018. News: since December 2017 I offer another American car database, with 210 columns of specifications and features, but less historical coverage. The trims database does have same number of rows but just first 5 columns, making duplicate rows for each trim due to differences such as FWD / 4WD, manual / automatic, different engine, different features, etc.

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– Porsche Cayman was launched with S trim only so for MY 2006 was listed under model name “Cayman S” while for next years model name is “Cayman” with trims “Base” and “S”. – Subaru Impreza WRX was is listed as trim under Impreza for MY 2002-2012, as separate model “Impreza WRX” for MY 2013-2014 and as separate model “WRX” for MY 2015-2016.

Probably this will also help you having an unique automobile database that do not exist on any website, and avoid copyright issues.

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